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New Photos of Katee in RIDDICK!


A couple of new photos just popped up on the internet from the forthcoming RIDDICK film (coming out September 6th, 2013) including 2 that feature Katee as Dahl, a mercenary who is part of the crew after Vin Diesel’s title character.

Collider.com also just posted a brand new Q&A with Katee talking about the film, landing the role of Dahl and more!
Check it out below:

COLLIDER: Can you describe what you were just filming?

SACKHOFF: Yeah. My character’s this sniper. You see me most of the time with this sniper rifle that’s just a head shorter than I am, pretty much, and then my handgun. In this one I was given an LOD, which is an electrical current gun. I was like, “Come on it’s kind of girly, why do I have to fire that thing?” So I was trying to make it cooler and the director goes, “Well there’s a three-second load-up, while you stand there.” And I was like, “What if I shoot my handgun at the same time, while it’s gearing up?” So, I’m standing there with this massive thing and firing at the same time and then sweeping with this big LOD. I found a way to make it as masculine as possible.

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